Todo list

If you are interested in helping out, there are some general things that always need attention:

  • Write descriptors for more files. Eventually, Augeas should cover all commonly used configuration files
  • Convince upstream projects to ship their own Augeas lenses. Currently, we ship a lot of lenses as part of Augeas, but they should really be shipped and maintained by the same people whose config files the lens processes. All that upstream needs to do is ship one text file, and keep that up to date whenever they change their config file format.
  • Better documentation. Of anything. We need more reference docs, howtos, tips & tricks on usage etc.

Specific todo items, i.e. things that are clear enough that they can be implemented, are kept as tickets in the bugtracker.

If you want to work on any of those items, please get in touch first, to avoid duplicate work. If you want to add to the list of todo items, file a new ticket with milestone 'wishlist'.

Quick janitorial tasks

If you want to help but aren't very familiar with Augeas and/or don't have much time, here are some very quick things that would help us tremendously:

  • Install the latest Augeas release on your machine and run augtool print /augeas//error - if that produces any output, file a ticket in the bugtracker. Please include the output from augtool in the ticket, and attach the files for which augtool reports a failure.
  • Launch augtool and look at the entries in /files and compare that with the configuration files on your system. If there are files you think augeas should parse, you can report a bug as a wishlist, or comment on one that is already open about this file.