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 close_memstream, memstream
 init_memstream, memstream
 make_tree, tree
void aug_close(augeas *aug)
Close this Augeas instance and free any storage associated with it.
int aug_cp(augeas *aug,
const char *src,
const char *dst)
Copy the node SRC to DST.
int aug_defnode(augeas *aug,
const char *name,
const char *expr,
const char *value,
int *created)
Define a variable NAME whose value is the result of evaluating EXPR, which must be non-NULL and evaluate to a nodeset.
int aug_defvar(augeas *aug,
const char *name,
const char *expr)
Define a variable NAME whose value is the result of evaluating EXPR.
int aug_escape_name(augeas *aug,
const char *in,
char **out)
Escape special characters in a string such that it can be used as part of a path expressions and only matches a node named exactly IN.
Flags to influence the behavior of Augeas.
int aug_get(const augeas *aug,
const char *path,
const char **value)
Lookup the value associated with PATH.
augeas *aug_init(const char *root,
const char *loadpath,
unsigned int flags)
Initialize the library.
int aug_insert(augeas *aug,
const char *path,
const char *label,
int before)
Create a new sibling LABEL for PATH by inserting into the tree just before PATH if BEFORE == 1 or just after PATH if BEFORE == 0.
int aug_label(const augeas *aug,
const char *path,
const char **label)
Lookup the label associated with PATH.
int aug_load(augeas *aug)
Load files into the tree.
int aug_match(const augeas *aug,
const char *path,
char ***matches)
the number of matches of the path expression PATH in AUG.
int aug_mv(augeas *aug,
const char *src,
const char *dst)
Move the node SRC to DST.
int aug_print(const augeas *aug,
FILE *out,
const char *path)
Print each node matching PATH and its descendants to OUT.
int aug_rename(augeas *aug,
const char *src,
const char *lbl)
Rename the label of all nodes matching SRC to LBL.
int aug_rm(augeas *aug,
const char *path)
Remove path and all its children.
int aug_save(augeas *aug)
Write all pending changes to disk.
int aug_set(augeas *aug,
const char *path,
const char *value)
Set the value associated with PATH to VALUE.
int aug_setm(augeas *aug,
const char *base,
const char *sub,
const char *value)
Set the value of multiple nodes in one operation.
int aug_span(augeas *aug,
const char *path,
char **filename,
unsigned int *label_start,
unsigned int *label_end,
unsigned int *value_start,
unsigned int *value_end,
unsigned int *span_start,
unsigned int *span_end)
Get the span according to input file of the node associated with PATH.
int aug_srun(augeas *aug,
FILE *out,
const char *text)
Run one or more newline-separated commands.
int aug_text_retrieve(struct augeas *aug,
const char *lens,
const char *node_in,
const char *path,
const char *node_out)
Transform the tree at PATH into a string using lens LENS and store it in the node NODE_OUT, assuming the tree was initially generated using the value of node NODE_IN.
int aug_text_store(augeas *aug,
const char *lens,
const char *node,
const char *path)
Use the value of node NODE as a string and transform it into a tree using the lens LENS and store it in the tree at PATH, which will be overwritten.
int aug_to_xml(const augeas *aug,
const char *path,
xmlNode **xmldoc,
unsigned int flags)
Turn the Augeas tree(s) matching PATH into an XML tree XMLDOC.
int aug_transform(augeas *aug,
const char *lens,
const char *file,
int excl)
Add a transform for FILE using LENS.
struct augeas
The data structure representing a connection to Augeas.
Control what save does when renaming the temporary file to its final destination fails with EXDEV or EBUSY: when this tree node exists, copy the file contents.
Context prepended to all non-absolute paths
The root for actual file contents
The default location for lens definitions
Information about files
The root directory
How we save files.
Information about text (see aug_text_store and aug_text_retrieve)
Augeas reports some information in this subtree
The env var that points to the chroot holding files we may modify.
Enable or disable node indexes
int __aug_close_memstream(struct memstream *ms)
Close a memstream.
char *escape(const char *text,
int cnt,
const char *extra)
Escape nonprintable characters within TEXT, similar to how it’s done in C string literals.
int __aug_init_memstream(struct memstream *ms)
Initialize a memstream.
struct tree *make_tree(char *label,
char *value,
struct tree *parent,
struct tree *children)
Allocate a new tree node with the given LABEL, VALUE, and CHILDREN, which are not copied.
Fairly arbitrary bound on the length of the path we accept from AUGEAS_SPEC_ENV
struct memstream
Wrappers to simulate OPEN_MEMSTREAM where that’s not available.
Character separating paths in a list of paths
int print_chars(FILE *out,
const char *text,
int cnt)
void print_pos(FILE *out,
const char *text,
int pos)
Print a pretty representation of being at position POS within TEXT
struct tree
An entry in the global config tree.